UV Fix Glue
UV Fix Glue
UV Fix Glue
UV Fix Glue
UV Fix Glue
UV Fix Glue

    UV Fix Glue

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      The UV Fix Glue is can fix anything in just 5 seconds! It creates a permanent bond using a super-powered liquid formula that instantly cures when activated by the UV Light.

      Portable, convenient, and easy to operate.

      Instantly Fix Broken Items

      The UV Fix Glue can fix broken objects as fast as five seconds! It is effective and efficient. No need to use expensive glue to fix household items, personal items, and others.

      Neat Application

      With the pen feature of UV Fix Glue, you ensure a clean and easy application. It is also easy to make sure that all the broken areas are covered with glue - depending on the broken items, sometimes you also need to glue the outer part.  With the UV Fix Glue, there are no side leakage and messy job! 

      Wide Application

      The UV Fix Glue is a universal glue. You can use it on any material and can easily fix anything. Suitable for glass, plastic, ceramic, and many more. Be sure to cure the glue with the UV light for it will stick well.

      How To Use:

      1. Clean the part you want to bond

      2. Gently squeeze the tube to get the liquid out into the surface 

      3. Cure with the UV light for 5 seconds.


      • Effective UV Fix Glue
      • Waterproof and Heat Resistant
      • 5 Second Fixing Time 
      • Convenient and Easy To Use
      • Suitable for Toys, Cable, Pipe, Jewelry Repairing and Many More
      • Size: 13.5cm x 2.7cm

      Product Inclusion:

      • 1 Piece UV Light Glue