Spinning Drone
Spinning Drone
Spinning Drone
Spinning Drone
Spinning Drone
Spinning Drone
Spinning Drone
Spinning Drone

    Spinning Drone

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      If you want to up your spinning game, this Spinning Drone is for you. This fidget spinner combines the stress-reducing elements of a traditional spinner with a one of a kind boomerang flight. Enjoy a spinner that can fly and boomerang back to you! 

       Four Flight Modes

      There are 4 different flight modes that you can enjoy - Boomerang, Low Altitude, Dive and Suspended Mode. 

      • Boomerang Mode
        Switch on the device. Keep a 30-degree upward angle, push and release it. It will fly in a cycle and boomerang back to you.
      • Low Altitude Mode
        Switch on the device. Adjust the lift to a minimum by pressing button 2 until the led light stops flickering. Keep it horizontal and launch the device.
      • Dive Mode
        Switch on the device. Keep a 15 degree downwards angle and launch the device.
      • Suspended Mode
        Switch on the device. Wait for the spin to be stable and release your fingers. It will be suspended in the air.

      Relieves Stress

      Studies show that fidget spinner such as the Spinning Drone helps in relieving stress and coping with anxiety and ADHD. Avoid overthinking and anxiety with the Spinning Drone

      Easy to Carry

      The Spinning Drone is simple, lightweight, pocket size and can be carried anywhere you go. 

      Safe to Use

      Designed so that the propellers are fully covered for the user's safety. Play freely without the worry of getting small cuts on your hands and finger. Suitable to kids above 6 years old. 

      Share the Fun with Your Family

      Perfect to play alone or with your family members. You can enjoy it both outdoors and indoors. This Spinning Drone is an ideal gift for family and friends! 

      How to Use:

      1. Prepare the spinner by charging it with the USB cable.

      2. Turn it on holding the bearing and pinching the knob with the thumb and forefinger.

      3. The LED light will flash when the device is switched on

      4. Adjust the speed using the + and - button on the back of the spinner.

      5. Keep the device balanced and horizontal, and rapidly rotate clockwise.Specifications

      • Color: Black
      • Size: 83mm x 83mm x 8mm3
      • Weight: 60g
      • Material: ABS safe plastic
      • Suitable Age: above 6 years old
      • Battery: 180mA polymer battery
      • Power supply: USB Charging
      • Operating time: 4 minutes
      • Charging time: 18 minutes
      • Charging current: 5V, 0.6A

       Package Inclusion:

      • 1 Spinning Drone
      • 1 USB cable