Open Tuning Guitar Capo
Open Tuning Guitar Capo
Open Tuning Guitar Capo
Open Tuning Guitar Capo
Open Tuning Guitar Capo
Open Tuning Guitar Capo
Open Tuning Guitar Capo
Open Tuning Guitar Capo

    Open Tuning Guitar Capo

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      This Open Tuning for Guitar is a new and innovative Capo. Explore and experiment with new tunings without having to retune your guitar after. A certain chord and tuning can’t be achieved without using this capo.

      Play drop D or modified G easily. Change between whatever configuration you like quickly. This Open Tuning for Guitar lets you explore new guitar tunings and harmonies!

      A Must-Have Guitar Accessory

      The Open Tuning for Guitar Capo is a good music tool for guitar-enthusiasts, singers, and songwriters. You can play and experiment with different chords without the worry of deturning the guitar every after use. 

      Fits All Guitar Fingerboards

      The Open Tuning Guitar Capo is universal that it fits all guitar types such as acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and bass guitar. It is also possible to tune in above or below the capo. It allows more mobility for your finger and more flexible chord play. 

      Produce Better Sound Quality

      The Open Tuning Guitar Capo gives better quality after play. A certain sound and tuning will not be achieved without this capo. 

      Suitable for Beginners & Export

      The Open Tuning Guitar Capo is suitable for both beginners and experts. A good tool to have to easily learn guitar various chords and tuning. There are unlimited possibilities! Explore different sounds to help you create your very own music. Be creative, the possibilities are endless with this open tuning guitar capo.

      Can Fit in Your Pocket

      Designed so you can easily bring it with you and practice anytime anywhere. The compact size makes the Open Tuning Guitar Capo portable and lightweight that you could easily put it in your pocket or bag.


      • Multifunctional Open Tuning Guitar Capo 
      • Clip Any Six-String or Guitar Strings 
      • Unique Modulation Method For Tuning
      • Create a Unique Way of Tuning Up Pitch
      • Simple Operation
      • Perfect For Performances
      • Color: Black
      • Applicable Guitar: Electric Guitar & Acoustic Guitar
      • Size: 9.3cm x 4.5cm x 2.5cm
      Package Inclusions:
      • 1 Open Tuning for Guitar Capo