Microfiber Towel
Microfiber Towel
Microfiber Towel
Microfiber Towel
Microfiber Towel
Microfiber Towel
Microfiber Towel
Microfiber Towel
Microfiber Towel
Microfiber Towel
Microfiber Towel

    Microfiber Towel

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      Did you know that wet hair is easily damaged? When hair is wet, proteins form weaker bonds making it fragile and easy to damage. It is important to get your hair into a damp state as quickly as possible to prevent hair breakage and other damaging effects.

      According to statistics, women spend an average of an hour and a half per week blow-drying their hair. But too much heat on hair can actually weaken and damage it even more. 

      The Microfiber Towel dampens hair quicker than normal towels and it does not cause more damage like a hairdryer. Save yourself some time, and dry your hair 2x the normal speed! 

      Prevent Hair Damage

      The Microfiber Towel is designed to prevent water damage and retain hair strength. Created with a high-quality microfabric that is 100x finer than a human hair. Drying your hair with Microfiber Towel avoids too much stretching of hair and does not cause it to break easily. Absorb moisture more efficiently as it gently and quickly dries water from hair.

      Great For All Hair Types

      Microfibre is 100x finer than human hair making it gentle and suitable to all hair types such as straight, curly, colored and bleached hair. It absorbs moisture so much more efficiently and is super gentle on your hair, even with regular use. No loops like cotton towels to snag and pull on your vulnerable wet hair.

      Reduce Drying Time

      The Microfiber Towel dries hair faster than regular towels. At the same time, it helps minimize the damage caused by water, blow dryers, and cotton towels. It gives you more time to focus on more important things than drying hair.

      Making a habit of drying your hair fast and gently can make a huge difference in the health and strength of your hair

      Comfortable to Use

      The Microfiber Towel is designed to fit perfectly on your head and it does not easily slide down like regular towels. The shape is cut accordingly to ensure the comfort of the user, it is light and can be used easily.

      How To Use

      1. Put your hair inside the towel, the big opening should cover the base of your hair.

      2. Roll it gently to cover the ends of your hair.

      3. Flip and use the button at the back to secure it.

      4. Wait for it to dry.


      • High-quality Microfiber Towel
      • Quick-drying and Gentle to Hair
      • Material: Microfiber
      • Size: 60cm x 20cm/60x25cm
      • Color: Brown, Blue, Green, Light Blue, Light Pink, Pink, Purple, White, Yellow

      Product Inclusion:

      • 1 Microfiber Towel