Ionic Comb
Ionic Comb
Ionic Comb
Ionic Comb
Ionic Comb
Ionic Comb
Ionic Comb
Ionic Comb
Ionic Comb
Ionic Comb

    Ionic Comb

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      Take good care of your hair with the Ionic Comb. It releases abundant negative ions that promote blood circulation and enhance the health of the hair while making it smooth and shiny.

      Healthier Hair

      Long term use of Ionic Comb can smoothen and shine your hair. It removes static and frizz. It also makes your hair healthier as it aids in nutrients absorption that is beneficial to the hair follicles and scalp.

      Promote Proper Blood Circulation

      The Ionic Comb vibrates and massage scalp while also releasing negative ions at the same time. This promotes proper blood circulation, relieves fatigue, improves sleep quality, and makes your hair healthier. 

      Shinier & Smoother Hair

      The Iconic Comb releases negative ions for antistatic. It eliminates frizz and locks natural moisture that helps regain your hair's top strength. This results in a smoother and shinier hair.  

      Suitable for All Hair Types

      Suitable to all hair types such as straight, curly, thick, sparse, colored, and bleached hair. Unlike the regular brush that only detangles hair, the Ionic Comb takes care of the hair and relaxed your scalp at the same time.

      Easy to Carry

      The Ionic Comb is created with a compact design so you can bring it anywhere you are. Easily put it inside your bag or put it aside for storage. Take care of your hair at any time of the day. 

      How to Use:

      1. Turn on the switch.

      2. Negative ions will be actively released from the brush.

      3. Brush your hair from the scalp to the tips softly.

      4. Repeat until you cover all the hair.

      5. Turn off the switch after use.

      How To Install:

      1. Remove the brush cushion by pressing the eject button. 

      2. Open the battery cover.

      3. Insert the battery properly.

      4. Reinstall the battery cushion.

      5. When the installation is correct, you will hear a clicking sound.

      6. You can use the Ionic Comb


      • Ionic Comb for Antic-Static
      • 1100 Hz Low-frequency Rhythm Vibration
      • Portable and Compact
      • Massage The Scalp and Rejuvenate The Hair
      • Color: Pink, Black, Purple
      • Material: ABS +Stainless Steel
      • Size: 13cm x 7cm x 5cm
      • Power Supply: 1*AAA Battery (Not Include)