Home Soda Maker
Home Soda Maker
Home Soda Maker
Home Soda Maker
Home Soda Maker
Home Soda Maker
Home Soda Maker

    Home Soda Maker

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      Create your very own sparkling drinks in just seconds with the Home Soda Maker. Perfect for the summer season and hot weather, the Home Soda Maker is suitable for household use - you can customize your own flavor and use it to enjoy delicious and healthy drinks (customize sugar level or no sugar at all). 

      It is portable, simple to use, and convenient!. Jazz up your everyday drink with the Home Soda Maker

      Enjoy Sparkling Drinks in Seconds

      Enjoy a refreshing sparkling drink in just seconds with the easy to use Home Soda Maker. With four easy steps, you get to enjoy your home-made sparkling drink. Perfect for the summer season and hot weather!

      Create Your Own Flavor

      Sodas and other sparkling drinks sold in the market contain a lot of sugar. With the Home Soda Maker, you can make sure your drink is healthier with the option of adding less or no sugar at all.

      It can be used with any drinks. You can use it on regular water, fruit juices, tea, and cocktails. Experiment with different flavors and create your very own drink!

      Different Drinks You Can Make with Home Soda Maker


      1. Sparkling Juice

      Sparkling juice is a popular replacement for sodas because it is natural and healthier. It also has less sugar than those that can be bought in stores and supermarkets. Homemade sparkling juice is a good thirst quencher.


      2. Sparkling Infused Water

      As long as there are no added sugars, sparkling infused water is a healthier option than sodas. You may use lemon, lime, or mint to infuse your water before using it on Home Soda Maker.

      3. Sparkling Tea

      Sparkling tea adds more texture than your regular tea. Create different concoctions of sparkling tea for a healthy drink you can enjoy any time of the day. 


      4. Sparkling Liquor

      Use your favorite alcohol to create your own drink. Rum and vodka work the best because they can be easily mixed with juices. Make it more special by making it a sparkling drink. 

      5. Experiment with Other Drinks!

      Experiment with different drinks that you and your family enjoy. Kids love sparkling milk as it is fun to drink while remaining healthy. Make your summer more fun with the Home Soda Maker!



      The Home Soda Maker is portable. You can bring it anywhere you go! Excellent for indoor and outdoor parties, meals, and celebrations or simply for daily use. 

      Easy to Use

      With Fizz Infuser technology making it easy to use. No electricity or batteries required.

      How to Use:

      1. Put your ingredients on the Soda Maker.

      2. Rotate the top cover to fit the bottle.

      3. Add air by simply pushing the button.

      4. The drink is ready for consumption.


      • Good Quality Home Soda Maker
      • Enjoy Soda Drink Anytime Anywhere
      • Convenient, Portable and Easy to Use
      • Safe and Food-Grade Material
      • Gross Weight: 550 G
      • Size: 95mm x 80mm x 415mm

      Package Inclusion:

      • 1 Bottle Soda Maker