Guitar Training Sticker
Guitar Training Sticker
Guitar Training Sticker
Guitar Training Sticker
Guitar Training Sticker
Guitar Training Sticker
Guitar Training Sticker
Guitar Training Sticker
Guitar Training Sticker

    Guitar Training Sticker

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      Learn guitar faster with the  Guitar Training Sticker. The sticker is a good help to easily familiarize proper finger placement. Learn guitar 5 times faster than the normal learning speed!

      Fits all 6 strings such as Acoustic and Electric guitar with full 24 frets coverage to map full guitar for better and faster learning.

      Learn Guitar Faster

      You can learn faster with the Guitar Training Sticker as the decals are amazing for self-teaching through video tutorials or giving guitar lessons. The sticker is printed clearly with each layout fitted properly to the fretboard to ensure faster learning and proper finger placement. With color coded stickers to help see the notes better as you play a chord progression. 

      See Cleary & Train Better

      The top line represents the string and the lowest line represents the sixth string. The numbers that are placed on the lines tell you what fret to play a note. Each fret is numbered so you don't have to constantly stop and count each fret on each chord change when learning guitar. You can easily find the proper finger placement and transfer from one chord to another. 

      Play Complicated Chords Easily

      With the Guitar Training Sticker, you can learn easier finger placements for each chord. The sticker provides other options where you can play the same chord with more comfortable finger placement. The sound and quality remain the same. 

      Full Guitar Sticker

      The Guitar Training Sticker is made for the full guitar neck, not just the 12 frets but up until 24 frets. You can easily learn how to play guitar as this sticker completely cover all the frets. Enjoy guitar video tutorials with the complete chord guide!

      Suitable for All

      The Guitar Training Sticker is a good tool for both beginners to advanced guitarists. For beginners, the sticker helps them understand the guitar and its basic concepts as well as sound training.  For advanced guitar players, the sticker is used to explore new music concepts and create their own chords and more.

      How To Use:

      1. Each sticker has a number that serves as a guide on which fret it belongs.

      2. Peel and Stick.


      • Fit All 6 Strings - Acoustic and Electric guitar
      • Map Full Guitar Neck, Up To 24 frets
      • Easy to install and remove
      • Waterproof & Durable

      Product Inclusion:

      • 1 Guitar Training Sticker