Guitar Finger Trainer
Guitar Finger Trainer
Guitar Finger Trainer
Guitar Finger Trainer
Guitar Finger Trainer
Guitar Finger Trainer

    Guitar Finger Trainer

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      This everyday hand exerciser helps you develop and maintain the strength in your hands and even individual fingers. The Guitar Finger Trainer improves isolated finger strength, flexibility, and coordination and also builds hand and forearm strength. Use each button independently to exercise your fingers or compress the entire unit for complete hand and forearm strengthening exercises.

      Build Strength and Dexterity

      You can develop and maintain strength and dexterity in your fingers, hands, and forearms. The ergonomic design and over-molded finger pads and grip help make your conditioning workouts comfortable.

      Rehabilitation and Prevention

      Ideal for anyone wanting to develop and maintain strong healthy hands. May help with arthritis, carpal tunnel, neuropathy, and poor circulation.

      Customized Tension

      It allows you to adjust and customize the tension for each finger so you can strengthen individual fingers and prevent favoring certain fingers.

      On-the-Go Conditioning

      Whether you are warming up pre-show or conditioning when you’re away from your instrument, It is the ultimate portable workout. At the office, at home, or on the train, you can keep up your finger, hand, and forearm strength and coordination.

      finger pads

      Finger Pads

      Molded finger pads for added comfort.


      Adjustable Tension

      Adjustable tension that is customizable for each individual finger.


      Ergonomic Grip

      Reversible molded grip uncovers simulated strings to help develop and maintain finger calluses for string musicians.



      • Made from high-quality components ABS plastic, stainless steel springs.
      • It provides about 4 lbs of resistance on each finger.
      • Size: 85mm*70mm*20mm

      Package Includes:
      • 1 x Guitar Finger Trainer Tool