Foot Brush Slipper
Foot Brush Slipper
Foot Brush Slipper
Foot Brush Slipper
Foot Brush Slipper
Foot Brush Slipper
Foot Brush Slipper
Foot Brush Slipper
Foot Brush Slipper

    Foot Brush Slipper

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      Enjoy your very own foot spa at home with the Foot Brush Slipper. It is good for both cleansing and exfoliating your feet while you take a relaxing bath. No need to spend so much on that callous and crack heel. 

      Use your favorite liquid soap, mix it with water, dump it on your feet and the Foot Brush Slipper will help you get rid of that day-worth dirt. Spoil your feet anytime you want! 

      Hand-Free Cleansing & Exfoliating

      No more painful bending needed to clean and exfoliate your feet while bathing. Perfect for people with back and hip problems. 


      Clean Deep Seated Dirt

      More than 1000 cleaning bristles that are soft enough for sensitive skin. Bristles are designed to effectively clean your feet including the areas that are hard to reach with normal scrubs.

      Exfoliate Dead Skin

      With embed pumice stone at the heel that cleans and exfoliates your feet gently. It removes dead skin, exfoliates callous, and softens heel cracks. It is easier to and more convenient than going to a spa and pay extra money for exfoliation.

      Suitable for Tired Feet

      After scrubbing and massaging the feet improve its blood circulation. It also gives a relaxing feeling to the feet muscles.

      Holes for Soap Distribution

      Water and liquid soap can quickly get inside through the holes. Clean every part of your feet with less effort and time.

      Disinfect Your Feet

      Avoid having those nasty bacteria that cause bad odor and fungal infection by washing your feet properly.

      Combine your own choice of anti-bacterial soap, drops of tea tree oil and water. Distribute it properly on your feet. Scrub your feet thoroughly using the Foot Brush Slipper for more effective cleansing.

      Suction Cups At The Bottom

      Created with suction cups at the bottom to ensure safety while using the product. Simply put the slipper on a flat surface where you can easily position your feet for easy cleaning. 



      • Easily cleanse the feet
      • Made With Thousands of Bristles
      • No More Painful Bends Just to Clean the Feet
      • Perfect for Seniors and Those with Limited Movement
      • Massages feet, Exfoliate and Eliminates Dirt
      • Suction Cup to Stick to Almost Any Surface
      • Fits to Most
      • Size: 11x 4.5 in or 28 x 11.5 cm
      • Material: Plastic
      • Color: Blue or Pink

      Package Inclusion:

      • 1 Foot Brush Slipper