Electric Fly Trap
Electric Fly Trap
Electric Fly Trap
Electric Fly Trap
Electric Fly Trap
Electric Fly Trap
Electric Fly Trap
Electric Fly Trap

    Electric Fly Trap

    $34.99 $70.00

      Enjoy a home free of flies and annoying small insects with the Electric Fly Trap. Protect yourself from flies and other small insects!

      Effective Fly Trap

      The Electric Fly Trap is made from high-quality material and uses an innovative technique that ensures flies are attracted by the bait and transferred into the box by the rotating plate. The fan effectively sucks flies and other small insects into the box.

      Safe to Use & Non-toxic

      The Electric Fly Trap is safe to use around your child - it is toxic-free and pesticide-free. No chemical used - the most effective bait is honey. Made of eco-friendly material. Suitable and safe for home use even with babies, pets, and pregnant women. Good for you and your family!

      Noise Free

      No annoying sounds. It can be used inside your bedroom and child's room. Suitable to different environments.

      Easy to Clean

      With an ergonomic design for easy cleaning. Simply disassemble the trap to clean. 

      Use Less Electricity

      The Electric Fly Trap functions well with only DC 5V working voltage. It uses less electricity for a long working time. Save money and worry less!

      How To Use:

      1. Spread the honey bait on the fan.

      2. Connect the power and turn on the switch.

      3. To clean, simply open the trap box and remove the fly. 


      • High-quality Material, Non-Toxic and Eco Friendly
      • Smart Appearance
      • Easy to Use and Easy to Clean
      • Lightweight, Portable and  Easy to Store
      • Noise Free Operation
      • Working Voltage: DC 5V
      • Size: 21cm x 21cm x 8cm or 8.3 inches x 8.3 inches x 3.1 inches
      • Power Supply: USB Cable (Included) and AA battery (Not Included)

      Package Inclusion:

      • Electric Fly Trap