Dragon Lamp
Dragon Lamp
Dragon Lamp
Dragon Lamp
Dragon Lamp
Dragon Lamp
Dragon Lamp
Dragon Lamp

    Dragon Lamp

    $79.99 $90.00

      Perfect gift for Game of Throne fans! This 3D-printed detailed Dragon Lamp is the first in the world. Made from Fillamentum’s PLA plastic material for durability and sturdiness. Changing lights best for night or desk lamp.

      Collection Worthy

      This intricately designed Dragon Blowing Fire Lamp is a nice addition to your Game of Thrones collection. Also a beautiful gift for kids who love Dragons and those with creative imagination.

      Source of Light

      Best used as a night lamp or desk lamp because of the adjustable color feature which ease the eyes especially at night. It can also be displayed in the living room as it gives off a wonderful light emission.

      Dragon Lamp

      Light Change

      With LED changing light. Brightness can be adjusted according to your needs. Light with warmer colors reduces eye strain and helps you fall asleep faster while cooler light gives cleaner look to the surrounding.

      Switch Button

      With an easy touch switch button that is available for your convenience. 

      Eco-Friendly Material

      Created from Fillamentum's Polylactic Acid by plastic material. Fillamentum is the number one manufacturer of high-quality filaments for 3D printing. They use PLA, a vegetable-based plastic material that is fully biodegradable. This makes the Dragon Lamp beautiful and ecological as it is produced using renewable raw materials. 

      3D Technology

      Made with 3D technology, this Dragon Lamp shows delicate details from a computer-aided design model. 

      Dragon Lamp


      • Created using a safe PLA material, this 3D Print Dragon Lamp is stylish, eco-friendly, durable and energy-wise
      • LED Light with Dimmable Brightness
      • Fast power charge via USB cable
      • Best gifts for kids and Game Of Thrones fans.


      • Material: PLA
      • Color: white and orange
      • Light source: LED
      • Battery Type: Lithium-Ion
      • Working time: 6-10 hours
      • Power: 1-3w
      • Light power: 1w
      • Interface: Micro USB
      • Voltage: 5V
      • Power Source: USB 
      • Control: Switch
      • Dimensions: 200mm X 80mm X100mm

      Package Inclusions:

      • 1 Dragon Lamp
      • 1 USB Cable
      • 1 User Manual