Don’t Step In It
Don’t Step In It
Don’t Step In It
Don’t Step In It
Don’t Step In It
Don’t Step In It
Don’t Step In It
Don’t Step In It

    Don’t Step In It

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      Play this hilarious indoor game with messy consequences! The Don't Step In It is a simple but very fun game for the entire family. Enjoy this blindfolded, poop-dodging fun with your kids! 

      Suitable for Family

      Have fun watching your kids play or play with your kids - it will be an enjoyable family game! The Don't Step In It game is suitable for people ages 4 and up. Use your skills and bond with the entire family! 

      Entertaining Indoor Game

      If you got tired of playing usual board games then this unique indoor game concept might be a good choice for you and your kids. With a simple rule to follow, this fun Don’t Step In It game is a good addition to your favorite playtime. Both adults and kids would enjoy it! 

      Watch Out for Obstacles

      Everyone gets a chance to put on the blindfold and try to cross the mat. The player who steps in the fewest obstacles wins!

      Advance Game Option

      You can make it more challenging if you want to play it with your adult friends. Simply spin the blindfolded player around 3 times before they walk the mat! 

      How to Play:

      1. The first player should put on the blindfold.

      2. Strategically placed the molded compound in the shape of poop on the mat

      3. Another player spins the spinner with the number of steps.

      4. The blindfolded player has to take that many steps across the game mat.

      5. Sometimes players will have to add a poop, remove a poop, or even re-arrange the poops along the mat.

      Enjoy with your family and friends!


      • Suitable for kids ages 4 and up
      • Product Dimensions: 2.2 x 10.5 x 10.5 inches
      • Item Weight: 14.1 ounces

      Package Inclusions:

      • Game Mat
      • Blindfold
      • Cans of Compound and Plastic Mold
      • Spinner Board
      • Instructions