Crystal Lensball
Crystal Lensball
Crystal Lensball
Crystal Lensball
Crystal Lensball
Crystal Lensball
Crystal Lensball

    Crystal Lensball

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      If you enjoy photography this Crystal Lensball is for you! With its recent popularity, the crystal ball makes a perfect visual arts accessory for both photography enthusiasts and professional photographers.

      Crystal Lensball is used to take refraction photos- this photography technique reveals the background scene within the ball.  It also has the same optic quality as a professional camera lens.

      Takes Amazing Photos

      With the refraction technique, pictures taken by professional and aspirant photographers naturally look edgier compared to photos taken on your regular phone or camera. The lense is so clear making the photos you take look sharp and vibrant. 


      Best Photography Accessory 

      Made using only the highest quality material, the Crystal Lenseball is created to perfection. This new accessory has the same optic quality as a professional camera lens but is more affordable and with less weight. 


      Wide Angle Photography

      The refraction ability of the Lensball allows you to capture wider angle photos. This shot is preferred in showing the beauty of the surrounding. Especially suitable for travel photography and landscape documentary.

      Crystal Lensball

      Explore New Technique

      Cyrstal Lenseball is a new accessory you that gives a fresh photography perspective. It is completely different from any other photography accessory you have tried in the past. Take as many unique photos as you want and experiment on how to perfect the use of Lenseball. 


      Choose the Perfect Size For You

      Available in seven sizes to choose from!

      40mm to 60mm is considered small in size. Small Crystal Lensball is perfect for traveling as it weighs very light and can be stored easily to your backpacks/pouches. Perfect for mobility and versatility when traveling!

      70mm and 80mm are considered medium in size. A little heavier than the smaller Lensball, but the difference in weight not noticeable. The good size will fill a nice portion of your frame with less distortion on the edge.

      100mm and 120mm are considered large in size. Professional photographers usually prefer this size. The large Lensball offers the best in focus and perception. You can easily control what subject to take and how much of the background you should use. It is also a natural size that perfectly fits the palm of the hands. 


      • Made from the Best Clear k9 Crystal Material with High Standart Inspection Process.
      • Flawless Quality; No Bubbles, No Scratch.
      • Perfect for Photography! Suitable for Phone and Camera Use
      • Powerful Purify Function to Enhance Divination Ability.
      • Material: k9 crystal
      • Sizes: 40mm/50mm/60mm/70mm/80mm/100mm/120mm
      • Color: Clear

      Product Inclusion:

      • 1 Crystal Lenseball