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Chest Expander
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Chest Expander

    Chest Expander

    $44.99 $90.00

      Don't miss any workout with this portable, lightweight and effective Chest Expander fitness tool. Stay safe and healthy while exercising in the comfort of your own home. 

      Resistant Band Whole Body Training

      Training with Resistant Band can help reduce fat, build muscles, and tone your body. With a variety of movements and exercises, it can strengthen the stomach, tighten the waist, easily and safely condition legs, arms, thighs, and buttocks. A good tool for maintaining a healthy body.  

      High-Quality Material

      The Chest Expander is made of chrome-plated spring with good elasticity and rubber-covered handle that fits the hand for easy grip. Created for flexibility and comfort to avoid accidents while using the product. 

       style B chest expander

      Portable Exercise Tool

      The Chest Extender is lightweight and compact making it suitable for home, office and outdoor use. Easy to store and carry. It can be used while seated or standing. 

      Replace Heavy & Expensive Gym Equipment

      Not everyone has the opportunity to exercise in the gym. Alternatively, you can use this Chest Expander to get the same results without having to pay an extra amount of money for a gym membership. Easily replace gym tools such as lifts, dumbbells, barbells and pull rods. Suitable for reverse fly, presses, rows, and shoulder circles.

      Varieties of Exercises Using Chest Expander

      Chest Exercise

      1. Hold the expander brackets, extend the cables behind your back at shoulder height. Do not overstretch.
      2. Bend Hand at about 90 degrees angle. 
      3. Tighten the expander pulling the handles towards you, at chest level. Make sure the angle of your arm is the same at where you begin.
      4. Repeat the exercise to the other side.

      Bicep Exercise

      1. Stand in a slight stride, move the left leg forward, the right one slightly behind you.
      2. Attach one end of the expander to the extended foot and the other to hold the left hand.
      3. Stretch the expander by flexing the arm in the elbow and lifting the handle vertically up.
      4. Alternately stretch and loosen the lines, remembering not to leave your arm until full extension (the biceps should remain in tension all the time). 
      5. Repeat the exercise to the other side.

      Ab Exercise

      1. Sit on the floor and hook the other end of the tool with your feet together.
      2. Take the expander handles and lie on your back.
      3. Lift your upper body and at the same time pull the extender to yourself, to your shoulder height.
      4. Lower your back to the starting position and repeat flow.


      • Material: ABS Engineering Plastic Carbon Spring
      • Color: Black & Red
      • Style A Dimensions: 650 x 110 x 30mm or 25.6 x 4.3 x1.2in
      • Style B Dimensions: 680 x 340 x 30mm or 26.8 x 13.4x 1.2in
      • Style A Net Weight: 760g
      • Style B Net Weight: 1100g
      • Usage: Muscle Training for Upper Body, Arms, and Chest

      Product Inclusion:

      • 1 X Chest Expander