Bangs Trimmer Tool
Bangs Trimmer Tool
Bangs Trimmer Tool
Bangs Trimmer Tool
Bangs Trimmer Tool
Bangs Trimmer Tool
Bangs Trimmer Tool
Bangs Trimmer Tool
Bangs Trimmer Tool

    Bangs Trimmer Tool

    $16.99 $34.00

      Professionally cut your bangs by yourself anywhere anytime! No need to go to the salon and save time and money with the Bangs Trimmer Tool. It is perfect for cutting your own hair at home. 

      Perfect Straight Bangs

      The Bangs Trimmer Tool comes with a clip/comb a leveller. This is very helpful in achieving a salon-looking hairstyle as it accurately levels the hair before cutting them. The result looks like a professional-cut bangs!


      Cut Different Bangs Style

      You can use the clip to cut different bangs styles. Side swept, asymmetrical, or ached bangs. Easily achieve with this Bangs Trimmer Tool! 

      It is recommended to cut your bangs every 3 weeks to keep it in style and to prevent it from covering your eyes.

      With the leveller, you can easily cut different bangs styles every month. Cut your bangs or change your style as often as you want without spending too much. 


      How Cut Different Style Bangs

      1. Clip the bangs and straighten the lower part to the length you prefer - which is to be cut off.
      2. Make sure the hair is clipped is according to your chosen style.
      3. Adjust the leveller (straight or slant) so that the bubbles in the transparent liquid is in the middle 
      4. Trim the bangs using the scissors.  

      Save Time & Money

      With this easy to use Bangs Trimmer Tool, you get to save money and time. No need to go to the salon every month to only cut your bangs - you can do it at the comfort of your own home.

      Equipped with Professional Hair Cutting Scissors

      Professional hair shears tool for beautiful looking bangs. Designed to mimic barber or salon scissors. The teeth of the scissors are specially designed to give natural bangs look you get from the salon. Scissors are made of premium material. The scissors are anti-corrosion and do not rust. It is very sharp and does not easily stuck and damage hair.

      Easy to Use

      The clip is combined with two different teeth designs, one is sparse and the other is compact. Cut pretty bangs at the same level in just minutes. Even perfect for those who have minimum haircutting experience. 


      • High-quality and Durable Bangs Trimmer Tool
      • Easy to Use
      • DIY Bangs Trimmer
      • Material: ABS
      • Level Ruler Size: 17cm

      Package Inclusion:

      • 1 Scissor
      • 1 Comb and Clip Leveler
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