Baby Learn Walking Assistant
Baby Learn Walking Assistant
Baby Learn Walking Assistant
Baby Learn Walking Assistant
Baby Learn Walking Assistant

    Baby Learn Walking Assistant

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      Say goodbye to painful backaches from leaning and bending over while holding your baby’s hands with the Baby Learn Walking Assistant.

      You can easily assist your baby’s walking without breaking your back with the Baby Learn Walking Assistant.

      Safer For Babies

      Regular hand-hold harnesses open you to the danger of dislocating your children’s elbows and shoulders. The Baby Learn Walking Assistant is safer compared to regular harness as it is made with strong and durable material to ensure no tears or breaks from continuous walking practice.

      Baby Learn Walking Assistant Walk Belt Walk Harness

      No More Back Pains For Parents

      With the Baby Learn Walking Assistant, you can teach and hold your baby without the need to bend or crouch. Unlike other harnesses, this one avoids giving you back pain from teaching your kids how to walk. 

      Baby Learn Walking Assistant Walk Belt Walk Harness

      Get Your Baby Walk More Confidently

      The Baby Learn Walking Assistant will help babies gain confidence as the belt feels more than a support. You can let the baby walk at her own pace and help her get over her fears of falling. Encourage and develop kids from walking independently. Get your baby to start walking within a couple of days!

      Comfortable & Provides Support

      Enjoy more quality time together and practice walking for a very long duration that is both comfortable for the holder and the baby. Made with 100% breathable cotton and mesh.  The Baby Learn Walking Assistant is created to provide shoulder support, arm support, and more control during training. 

      Baby Learn Walking Assistant

      3 Walking Assist Stages

      The Baby Learn Walking Assistant has a 3 multifunctional style that you can easily adjust according to the needs of your baby’s age. Its functions are as follows:

      Lift-with-Crotch for babies who are starting to learn how to stand. This will help the baby stand firm.

      Lift-without-Crotch for babies who are getting ready to walk. A good way to assist your baby on his stand using the force of his own legs.

      Pull-without-Crotch for babies that can start walking for a longer distance without stumbling.  Adjust your posture with the third phase by switching it to and easy pull-back harness.

      How to Use:

      1. For every use, secure buckles, velcro, and straps in regards to your baby’s weight and height.
      2. Adjust the handle and crotch according to the appropriate age of your baby.
      3. For 7-11 months - use the harness belt with attached crotch and pull upward.
      4. For 12 up months - remove the crotch but the handle remains on from upward position. 
      5. For 13 months and above - attach the handle from a pull-behind position to prevent your baby from falling and stumbling.


      • Material: 100% cotton and 3D mesh, comfortable, breathable
      • Age Fits for 7-24months
      • Suitable for Baby with Weight 5-20kg/11-44pounds
      • Target gender: Unisex
      • Color: Green or Brown

      Product Inclusion

      • 1 Piece Baby Learn Walking Assistant