Anti Fog Spray (2 Pieces/Pack)
Anti Fog Spray (2 Pieces/Pack)
Anti Fog Spray (2 Pieces/Pack)
Anti Fog Spray (2 Pieces/Pack)

    Anti Fog Spray (2 Pieces/Pack)

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      Wearing masks everywhere you go is a necessity with the current situation. But if you worry about having foggy glasses because of the mask, we got you covered!

      Fogs on your prescription glasses are just as annoying as fogs on car windows. Not seeing clearly because of the fog may lead to accidents. Avoid such thing from happening with the Anti Fog Spray.

      Anti Fog & Moisture Repellant

      The Anti Fog Spray is formulated to resists moisture safely with exquisite clarity. A powerful hydrophobic solution designed to repel moisture and prevent fogging on your prescription glasses, sunglasses, and also on your car windows. 

      Suitable For All Surfaces

      100% alcohol-free. Does do not cause glasses to peel and flake. Safe for all surfaces: prescription & reading glasses, sunglasses, Crizal, Lexan, polycarbonate, & plexiglass. It is suitable for household and other surfaces such as bathroom mirror, glass window, rearview mirror, spectacles, swimming goggles, and many more. 

      Works Effectively

      The Anti Fog Spray binds the oils for an easy streak-free clean and then provides a protective shield resistant to moisture, oil, and dust. It leaves a thin layer of the hydrophobic (water-resistant) coating after every use which helps prevent fog from forming. With long-lasting effects up to 3 days.


      Only use 2 to 3 drops depending on the size of the glass. The small portable bottle does the job with just a few drops for each application. lt lasts up to 3 months depending on the lens and environment. 

      How to Use

      1. Clean the glass with water.
      2. Shake well and spray a little on the glass.
      3. Apply evenly using a microfiber cloth.
      4. Wait for it to dry.


      • Anti-fog Spray
      • Last up to 2 to 3 Months
      • Keep your Sight Clear When Driving on Rainy Days
      • Does Not Cause Harm on Skin Due to its pH = 7 Neutral Point
      • Product Material: Liquid
      • Product Size: 20ml and 50ml
      • Safe and Environmentally Friendly

      Package Inclusion:

      • 1 Anti Fog Spray