9-in-1 Push Up Board
9-in-1 Push Up Board
9-in-1 Push Up Board
9-in-1 Push Up Board
9-in-1 Push Up Board
9-in-1 Push Up Board
9-in-1 Push Up Board
9-in-1 Push Up Board

    9-in-1 Push Up Board

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      Use this innovative 9n1 Push Up Board color-coded training system to strengthen and sculpt your entire upper body from chest to shoulders down to your core. The board has an easy-to-follow multi-color pushup position where specific muscles are targeted while promoting proper form during a workout.

      This is a total body workout that you can do in the comfort of your own home. Or bring it with you whenever you are traveling and you'll never miss a good workout again.

      Body Sculpting and Weight Loss

      The different colors target specific muscles. The handles can be switched to whatever position you prefer and to whatever muscle you want to tone. Thirty minutes a day of this workout will develop muscles, build upper and improve lower body strength.

      Replace Heavy & Expensive Gym Equipment

      Not everyone has the opportunity to exercise in the gym. You get the same results without having to pay an extra amount of money for a gym membership. Easily replace gym tools such as lifts, dumbbells, barbells, chest press and pull rods.

      Easy to Assemble

      Easy to assemble and store. This exercise too is designed to be carried easily. You can take it anywhere, including office, home, and school. 

      High-Quality Material

      Created from premium ABS tough plastic for durability. The material used is sturdy and not easily broken or damaged and handgrips are anti-slip this ensures the safety of the user while using the tool.

      Varieties of Exercises Using Chest Expander

      One Arm Pushup

      1. Start in the standard pushup position.
      2. Widen the distance between your feet to create more stability for beginners, you may drop your knees on the ground).
      3. Pick one hand up off the ground and place it behind your back.
      4. Lower down until your chest nears the floor.
      5. Push back up to the start.
      Reverse Hand Pushup
      1. Start in the standard pushup position.
      2. Turn your hands so your fingers are facing the wall behind you. Align your hands with your mid-back.
      3. Lower down and tuck your elbows toward your body as much as you can
      4. Once your chest reaches near the floor, push back up to start. 

      Plyometric Pushup

      1. Get into a pushup position - hands outside your chest, feet shoulder-width apart.
      2. Your body forming a straight line from head to heels.
      3. Lower your chest to the floor and then press up explosively so your hands come off the floor.
      4. Clap your hands together before returning to the starting position on the ground.


      • Material: ABS Engineering Plastic Carbon Spring
      • Color: Black or Blue
      • Style Dimensions: 59.5cm x 18cm x 2cm
      • Usage: Muscle Training for Upper Body, Arms, Chest, Core

      Product Inclusion:

      • 1 X 9n1 Push Up Rack