6-in-1 Can Opener
6-in-1 Can Opener
6-in-1 Can Opener
6-in-1 Can Opener
6-in-1 Can Opener
6-in-1 Can Opener
6-in-1 Can Opener

    6-in-1 Can Opener

    $24.99 $50.00

      The 8 shaped multifunction stainless steel 6-in-1 Can Opener is the only opener you will ever need! It opens a variety of bottle caps, can goods, and even plastic bags.

      Designed with a curved handle for the most comfortable hand feel and grip. You can easily open bottles because the 6-in-1 Can Opener is covered with rubber for a full friction force. Best for your daily needs!

      Best Opener Tool

      The 6-in-1 Can Opener is a good helper for household duties. With its rubber grip, it can easily open the sturdiest bottles and jars you have in the kitchen. Easily open bottle caps and unscrew a variety of cans. The bottom of the opener is also designed with a blade so you can cut through the plastic bag. Perfect for your daily needs!

      6 Items You Can Open

      1. Jars

      Use the wide area of the opener and clip it to the jar cover. Twist and turn to open.

      2. Screw  Cap

      For bottles, you can use the smaller part of the opener. Clip it well and turn the bottle clockwise to open.

      3. Bottles Cap

      There's a metal attached to the top part of the opener that works best for bottle caps. It can be used in opening bottled sodas beers and many more.

      4. Pull Tab Cans

      Simply use the outer metal located at the top of the opener. Clip it to the lid of your canned good and pull it up to open.

      5. Sealed Bag

      There is a blade designed to open sealed bags for more convenience.

      6. Safety Seals 

      Clip safety seal with the end of the opener and pull to open.

      Ergonomic Design

      Created with curved handles, the 6-in-1 Can Opener fits perfectly on your hands for comfort and safety. It also ensures a better grip when opening a wet or smooth object (like beer bottles and such). It used TPR rubber for a better friction force with less effort.

      Portable & Compact

      The 6-in-1 Can Opener is not just for home use. Because it is portable you can take it along when you go to picnics, camping, and trips. With its compact design, you can slip it neatly in the cutlery drawer when not in use. It also does not take too much space.


      • 8 Shaped 6-in-1 Can Opener
      • Convenient to Use and Easy to Store
      • Curved Handle Design
      • Product Size: 14.4cm x 6.5cm x 2.4cm
      • Material: PP + TPR + 2CR12 Alloy Stainless Steel
      • Net weight: 109g
      • Color: Black Red

      Product Inclusion:

      • 1 Piece 6-in-1 Can Opener