3-in-1 Digital Tape Measure
3-in-1 Digital Tape Measure
3-in-1 Digital Tape Measure
3-in-1 Digital Tape Measure
3-in-1 Digital Tape Measure
3-in-1 Digital Tape Measure

    3-in-1 Digital Tape Measure

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      The 3-in-1 Digital Tape Measure is the only measuring tape you need! You can use it to measure areas with irregular shapes while doing home projects. You can also use it to measure shapes and other surfaces.

      With three different measuring modes for more convenient and accurate measuring. Don’t second guess your measurements and trust only the accuracy of 3-in-1 Digital Tape Measure!

      3-in-1 Measurement

      This measuring tape combines a laser mode, roller mode, and string mode that counts up to 999 inches. The three different measurement makes any work easier.

      Laser Mode - is an easier way to measure big distances. It works well in measuring the size across the area. 

      Roller Mode - this is best for measuring areas that do not have a straight line or edge. The roller is flexible making it good for measuring curved and irregular shaped objects.

      String (Chord) Mode - a more traditional way of measuring using a string, a nonmetal material, making it flexible. It is suitable for areas that are hard to measure with roller and laser.

      Suitable for Different Environment

      With its 3 different modes, the Digital Tape Measure has wide functions. You can measure irregular shapes and even your body. You can freely choose what mode would work for you on each measurement and area.

      Digital Function

      LCD screen helps you get a quick digital reading of the laser distance measure. Measurement including decimal and fractions is displayed on the digital screen to satisfy your all needs. 

      Accurate Measurement

      The accurate distance can be read within the effective range even while moving. The accuracy: rate is ±1/16 inch. With up to 2 decimal points and fractions display to satisfy your all needs. Best for carpentry works and home projects.

      Light & Easy to Carry

      The measuring tape is compact in design making it light and easy to carry. It can be worn with a wrist strap and belt clip. You can measure with ease and never lose your measuring tape.

      With Rubber Outer Cover

      The Digital Tape Measure has an anti-skid outer cover which protects it from impact during rough work. The rubber serves as protection as well when the tape gets accidentally drop from a high place.


      • 3-in-1 Digital Tape Measure for More Convenience & Accuracy
      • Measurement System Metric
      • Portable
      • Item Weight: 7 ounces
      • Product Dimensions 3.3 x 1.6 x 3.3 inches
      • Material: Steel, Plastic, Rubber, Nylon Wire, Glass & Copper

      Package Inclusion

      • 1 Piece 3-in-1 Digital Tape Measure