2-in-1 Hydrogen Generator
2-in-1 Hydrogen Generator
2-in-1 Hydrogen Generator
2-in-1 Hydrogen Generator
2-in-1 Hydrogen Generator
2-in-1 Hydrogen Generator
2-in-1 Hydrogen Generator
2-in-1 Hydrogen Generator
2-in-1 Hydrogen Generator
2-in-1 Hydrogen Generator
2-in-1 Hydrogen Generator
2-in-1 Hydrogen Generator

    2-in-1 Hydrogen Generator

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      This 2n1 Hydrogen Generator water bottle adopts the most advanced technology. It rapidly generates electrolyze water making regular water become hydrogen-rich.

      Hydrogen-rich water removes free radicals and eliminates toxins. It contains powerful antioxidants that increase energy levels & improves the immune system and slows down the process of aging.

      The design allows any plastic water bottle to be directly installed on the base. Perfect for making hydrogen-rich water anywhere you are. Created with compact and stylish design, this 2n1 Hydrogen Generator is portable and easy to store. Perfect for travel, outdoor, and indoor use!

      The Chlorine Exhaust Waterwaste Outfall feature separates the Hydrogen and Oxygen against the residual chlorine and wastewater. It also has a Silicone Dust Cover to prevent any dust and dirt inside the generator. 

      Created with advance technology, this Hydrogen Generator has an LCD touch switch for convenience and magnetic fast charging - the USB charging port is concealed for a clean look 

      Benefits of Drinking Hydrogen Water

      Cancer Prevention

      Studies show that drinking Hydrogen Water has a positive effect on lowering the risk of certain cancers. The water is effective at controlling free radical damages. The anti-inflammatory properties in the water protect healthy cells from dangerous ions and prevent the mutation process.

      Cell Regeneration

      Hydrogen water has the highest concentration of antioxidants. This helps lower the risk of oxidation causing damage to the body’s cells and has the ability to repair the already damaged cells that are attacked by free radicals. 

      2n1 Hydrogen Generator

      Regulates Blood Circulation

      Hydrogen water helps maintain the all-round performance of the body including the proper circulation of blood. To avoid hypertension it is important to stay hydrated. Water with more hydrogen helps with staying extra hydrated.

      Helps Reduce Disease Risk

      Hydrogen is believed to eliminate free radicals from your body and protect cellular damage lowering the probability of getting sick.

      2n1 Hydrogen Water

      Hydrates the Skin

      Without proper hydration, human skin loses its moisture and eventually turns flaky. Water is essential in keeping healthy skin.  Hydrogen water is believed to be the most effective option to hydrate the body and maintain soft and healthy skin.

      Anti-Aging Properties

      One of the best benefits of drinking increased hydrogen in the water Is the positive effect on suppressing the reactive oxygen species, which will benefit the body’s anti-aging properties. More hydrogen water, less wrinkle!

      2n1 Hydrogen Generator

      Muscles and Joints Relaxation

      Drinking hydrogen water helps lubricate muscles and joints making it best for those people who are active, in sports and stand or sits for a long time. Best for those with painful or swollen joints.

      For Brain Function

      Water is as important as food when it comes to brain function. Proper hydration is needed to ensure that brain functions at an optimal level


      • Intelligent Multifunctional Hydrogen Generator
      • Three-Minutes Electrolyzed Water
      • Portable, Lightweight and Compact with Stylish Design
      • Created with Titanium Platinum Electrode for Durability
      • With LCD Touch Switch
      • Magnet Charging 
      • Color: White
      • Capacity: 300ML
      • Hydrogen Concentration: 1000-1500PPB
      • Battery Capacity: 4000MA
      • Water Temperature Requirement: 0-50 ° C
      • Water Quality: Naturally Weak Alkaline
      • Electrolysis Process: Titanium Platinum + Ion Membrane
      • Packing size: 100 x 48 x 160mm

      Product Inclusion:

      • 1 2n1 Hydrogen Generator