Smart Fingerprint Padlock
Smart Fingerprint Padlock
Smart Fingerprint Padlock
Smart Fingerprint Padlock
Smart Fingerprint Padlock
Smart Fingerprint Padlock
Smart Fingerprint Padlock
Smart Fingerprint Padlock
Smart Fingerprint Padlock
Smart Fingerprint Padlock

    Smart Fingerprint Padlock

    $39.99 $80.00

      Never lose your keys again! With Smart Fingerprint Padlock you no longer need to worry about copying or losing your keys, cracking your password or getting your locks picked again. This smart lock utilizes a unique Fingerprint Recognition Software that provides a new, secure, and private approach to padlocks.


      When it comes to keeping your stuff safe, you need a lock that is convenient, lightweight, and, of course, secure. The padlock beam is made of stainless steel for excellent tamper resistance to protect your valuables against thieves. The non-screw design ensures lock-in unhackable. This padlock is completely offline, so your personal identity will not be stolen.


      You can unlock the smart padlock with your finger only for a split second with its high-quality built-in chips. It has 360-degree arbitrary angle biometric recognition. Fingerprint padlock can register up to 10 sets of fingerprints. You can also authorize and share a lock with your family and friends to use it. 

      Widely Uses

      With its compact size to be carried anywhere, you go. This smart fingerprint padlock is suitable for both indoor and temporary outdoor. You could use in gym lockers, school lockers, office cabinet, door, gate, fence, garage, warehouse, cabinet, shed, suitcase, handbag, luggage, bicycle and other goods that you want to protect. 


      The Smart Fingerprint Padlock has received an IP65 waterproof rating! It's safe to use in any weather. Rain, dust, and snow will have no effect on its internal electronic functions.

      Low Power Consumption

      When the voltage is equal to or lower than 3.5V the red indicator will flash for 15 seconds and needs to be recharged. The biometric padlock can be locked and unlocked up to 1000 times on one full battery charge.


      How to Use It:

      1. When the fingerprint padlock is brand new, simply press your finger onto the screen for 5 seconds and it will encode the lock. You can record your fingerprint 10 times so that no one will record theirs.
      2. Once you complete the initial setup, your finger is the only thing on the planet that can unlock the device!
      3. If desired, you can program up to 10 different fingerprints to unlock the device. The fingerprints can be managed directly within the smart lock. No external computer/smartphone is needed.


      • Material: Zinc Alloy
      • Working voltage: 3.0-4.2V
      • Lock weight and Size: 90g, 7.6x4.6x1.3cm
      • Fingerprint sensor coverage: 72x64mm
      • Unlock speed: within 1 second
      • Working period: a year per power Charge
      • LED light: three-color light: red / blue / green
      • Battery: 3.7V Lithium build-in battery
      • Working Temperature: -10~+40 degrees Celsius
      • Fingerprint Capacity: record 10 times and save 10 groups

      Package Includes:

      • 1 x Fingerprint Lock
      • 1 x USB Charging Cable
      • 1 x User Manual